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Soft tissue injuries are worsened by inflammation. Severe inflammation in an affected joint, ligament, nerve, or tendon can slow down the healing process while also causing pain and mobility issues. The best approach to reduce inflammation and give your body a chance to heal might be to use orthopedic surgery that can target the problem precisely.

iRISE Spine and Joint in Nashville offers orthopedic surgery and treatment options that are trusted by local doctors and physicians. When a joint injury has not responded to other treatments, or you want to avoid major surgery, orthopedic surgery might be exactly what you need. We specialize in surgeries that are minimally invasive and prioritize your health and recovery.

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Orthopedic Surgeries & Benefits

Orthopedic surgery can help with a variety of injuries and health conditions. To see if your situation could be improved with it, come to iRISE Spine and Joint in Nashville. During initial meetings with our medical team, we can evaluate your injury and its symptoms. Afterward, we will know which orthopedic surgery option is right for you if any. We can also network with your primary care provider for more information about treatment options to maximize the benefits of our care.

We can complete a variety of minimally invasive ortho surgeries, including:

  • Lumbar spinal surgery
  • Cervical spinal surgery
  • Facet ablation
  • Knee surgery
  • Shoulder surgery
  • Elbow surgery
  • Hip surgery
  • And more

Minimally invasive surgery is typically preferred by healthcare professionals because such procedures have low risks with quick recovery times. By using precise medical instruments, our ortho surgeons can make only a few small incisions to complete a procedure.

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When daily back and joint pain are slowing you down, see how iRISE Spine and Joint in Nashville can help you out. Orthopedic surgery could help you get rid of stubborn pain and soreness while also improving mobility and dexterity. Find out if this treatment is right for you today by calling (615) 205-6983 at any time.

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Orthopedic Surgery FAQ

  • How risky is orthopedic surgery?
    Orthopedic surgery conducted at iRISE Spine and Joint in Nashville is minimally invasive. This specific surgical technique uses only a few small incisions, which helps keep the risk of complications much lower than a typical surgery. If a complication does happen, it will most likely be a post-operation infection, temporary pain, or an allergic reaction to a medication. We are always careful to reduce the risk of complications as much as possible. We will also discuss alternative treatments if we don’t think the benefits of surgery outweigh the risks.
  • Will it take a while to recover from orthopedic surgery?
    All surgery recovery times are unique. The procedure itself and the health of the patient will adjust the expected time to recover. Before performing an ortho surgery, our professionals will always tell you the expected recovery time based on the unique situation, so you don’t feel surprised or uninformed.
  • Can orthopedic surgery help with joint pain?
    Joint pain is often treated with strong medications like opiates. If you don’t want to use such a painkiller, then you should consider orthopedic surgery. This specialized surgery can help reduce joint pain by targeting what is causing the joint inflammation in the first place.

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