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MRI Services Can Find Unseen Injuries

Are you bothered by daily pain from an old injury? Are you struggling to heal from an injury after a recent accident like a car crash? There might be an underlying injury that has not been diagnosed or treated yet.

iRISE Spine and Joint in Hollywood, Florida would like to hear from you. We offer MRI services that can detect unseen injuries. Whether you have decided you want an MRI or you are a doctor with a patient who needs one, we can help.

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What Do MRIs Do?

An MRI scan or magnetic resonance imaging scan used electromagnetic field (EMF) adjustments to scan your body. This hi-tech scan does not stop on the surface, though. It is used to reveal your body’s internal organs, muscles, bones, nerves, and more.

When an MRI is complete, the scanned images are processed by a computer and formed into 3-D images. The best part is that the 3-D images can be freely manipulated by a doctor to get close and detailed looks at your unseen injuries and conditions.

MRI scans can uncover the following medical conditions and more:

  • Bone infections or tumors
  • Certain heart conditions
  • Herniated discs
  • Organ defects
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Torn ligaments or cartilage

Patients Who Benefit from MRI Scans

Doctors often refer their accident patients to iRISE Spine and Joint in Hollywood, Florida. Our MRI machine can scan a patient who is complaining of soreness and pain after a car accident, workplace accident, or slip and fall accident. When the scan is complete, we might be able to detect an unseen injury that can then be treated more precisely.

Our MRI machine can help detect:

  • Back injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Head injuries
  • Joint injuries

Schedule an MRI Today

iRISE Spine and Joint in Hollywood, Florida offers convenient scheduling options that make planning an MRI service simple. If you need an MRI or have a patient who would benefit from one, then it is always the right time to contact us. Our specialists would be happy to discuss the benefits of an MRI with you, as well as any future treatment options you might need.

Call (954) 787-3570 for more information about MRIs.


  • Can MRIs see internal organs?
    MRIs are used to see underlying injuries by showing the body’s internal workings, like organs, bones, nerves, muscles, and more.
  • Are MRIs dangerous?
    MRIs do not use any sort of surgery or incision. An MRI also does not use any radiation, as an x-ray machine does. For these reasons, MRIs are considered highly safe for most patients.
  • Are there any risks to getting an MRI?
    A small percentage of people might have mild reactions to MRI scans. MRIs use magnets to complete a scan, too, so they cannot be used on patients with certain metals in their bodies. For example, pacemakers and hip replacements can react unsafely to MRI scans.
  • Is an MRI noisy?
    While the MRI machine – which is shaped like a large tube that you lie down inside – scans you, it will hum and make thumping sounds. It can be loud at first, but some patients get used to the sound quickly and tune it out.
  • Will an MRI take a while?
    Some MRIs take 15 minutes. Others can take 90 minutes or so. The time it takes to complete the MRI will depend on how many body parts need to be scanned, and how many passes are required to get the right level of detail.
  • Should I get an MRI if I am claustrophobic?
    We recommend you talk to our MRI specialists before getting an MRI if you are claustrophobic. The small space inside the MRI machine could trigger your condition, so we can discuss alternative imaging methods first.

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