Steps to Take After You’re Injured from a Fall or Auto Accident

What To Do After an Accident Injury

Being involved in an accident or taking a dangerous fall can be a terrifying experience. It’s entirely understandable that, after such an ordeal, you’d want to remove yourself from the situation as soon as possible.

However, in order to protect yourself from further injury and ensure you heal properly, it’s essential to take certain steps after the incident.

Take a Moment to Gather Yourself

As we said, being involved in a car accident or taking a bad fall can be overwhelming and scary. Take a few moments to calm yourself after the accident and mentally determine if you have any noticeable injuries or seem to be alright.

Apply Ice

If you do have minor injuries, such as a sprain or bruising, apply ice to the area in order to reduce swelling and pain. Keep ice on your injury for 20 minutes, then give yourself a 20-minute break before reapplying the cold.

Seek Medical Treatment

Even if you feel fine, it’s essential to seek medical treatment after an auto accident or fall. You should see a physician that is specially trained in identifying and treating the injuries that often occur after these incidents, such as whiplash, concussions, traumatic brain injuries, and spine and joint injuries.

You should also ensure your doctor will work with your attorney to support any personal injury or worker’s compensation cases you’re filing.

Understand Your Treatment Options

Depending on your injury, your doctor may recommend a variety of treatments to resolve your pain. At iRISE Spine and Joint, this can include:

Whatever you are recommended, it’s essential that you follow your treatment plan in order to have the best results of your care.

Expert Spine Care in Florida

At iRISE Spine and Joint, whatever your injury, our physicians will carefully study your case before designing a treatment plan that serves to improve your condition.

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