Do I Need Orthopedic Surgery for My Ankle?

Ankle in pain​

When your ankle has been hurt, it’s important that you get treatment as soon as possible. Ankle injuries can grow worse over time if left untreated. This can eventually lead to more significant issues like permanent disability.

Fortunately, there are plenty of treatment options for ankle injuries. In many cases, you can recover from your injury with conservative treatments like physical therapy or chiropractic care. In other cases, orthopedic surgery may be the best option.

What are the common types of ankle surgeries?

Your doctor can review the condition of your ankle and determine if surgery is right for you. Orthopedic surgeries are skilled in a variety of ankle surgeries, including:

  • Lateral ligament repair — The bones in your ankle are connected by a tough tissue called ligaments. There are several ligaments in the ankles, but the lateral ligaments are the ones that are commonly hurt when the ankle twists or rolls.

    If a lateral ligament is stretched or torn, a lateral ligament repair may be necessary. In this procedure, the surgeon makes a small incision in the side of the ankle to access the ligaments and tighten them back up.
  • Arthroscopy — Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive form of surgery that uses a small tube (the arthroscope) with a camera attached at the end. This gives the surgeon a view of the operation without having to make large incisions to see what they’re doing.

    Arthroscopy uses tiny surgical instruments that fit through the arthroscope. This kind of surgery is beneficial for treating minor ankle injuries like bone spurs or minor cartilage tears.
  • Open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) — This surgery is used primarily to repair ankle fractures. During the procedure, the surgeon will reposition the bones in their correct place. Then, they will attach screws or plates to hold the bones together.
  • Total joint replacement — If the bones or cartilage in the ankle are severely damaged, the best treatment option may be to replace the entire joint with an artificial one. This is usually necessary due to advanced arthritis or a traumatic injury.

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