Florida Spine and Joint to Rebrand as Irise Spine and Joint in January

Florida Spine and Joint to Rebrand as iRISE Spine and Joint in January

Boca Raton, Fla.  January 27, 2020 – Florida Spine and Joint Institute announced today that it will rebrand its innovative practice to better reflect its growing footprint and enhanced capabilities.

Beginning in February, the organization will be known as iRISE Spine and Joint.

Originally opening in 2001 in Miami, FL the practice’s physical presence has historically been concentrated in South Florida, but recent openings in other parts of Florida and other states prompted the decision to rebrand.

“iRISE” stands for imaging, rehab, injections, surgery, and extremity—an acronym that’s symbolic of the comprehensive care the practice offers.

“This organization has been honored to serve the people of South Florida for nearly 20 years—and that’s not changing anytime soon—but it was time for us to bring our compassionate and evidence-backed services to other areas of the country,” said Ryan Fulcher, Chief Executive Officer, Florida Spine, and Joint.

“This rebrand is more than just a name change, it is symbolic of our comprehensive treatment offerings for patients and how we help them rise after injury.”

The company has recently opened facilities in Tampa, Florida, and Memphis, Tennessee. Both of which offer chiropractic, interventional pain, and surgical procedures.

In addition to geographical expansion, the company added treatment options to various existing locations.

This includes a new high-field MRI, interventional pain procedures, and surgical consultations in Hollywood, Florida. Chiropractic treatment in both Orlando and Ft. Myers has also been added to an already existing orthopedic practice.

Since its inception, Florida Spine and Joint have worked closely with insurers, attorneys representing injured patients, and workers' compensation groups.

The company has also developed deep relationships with urgent care clinics, chiropractic groups, and primary care physicians to deliver quality care to their patients.

The company offers a wide range of services targeted at conditions such as herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, torn ligaments, arthritis, and other common spine and extremity conditions.

“Our goal is to help every patient achieve the best possible outcome, and sometimes that requires a continuum of care that includes a partnership with other important stakeholders like attorneys, primary care physicians, physical therapists or chiropractors,” said Samuel J. Hess, MD, Medical Director, Florida Spine and Joint. “Our personalized treatment plans target the cause of a patient’s pain, not just the symptoms, to help restore the quality of life they want to live.”

For more information on iRISE Spine and Joint, visit iRISESpineandJoint.com.