What Kind of Doctor You Should See After an Auto Accident?

Doctor to a Patient‚Äč

Automobile accidents cause injuries so frequently that it’s always a good idea to visit a doctor for an examination. Some injuries have symptoms that take several days to develop, by which time, it may be more difficult to treat and to connect to the accident for insurance purposes.

In Florida, you have 14 days to visit a health care professional for an examination if you’ve been in an accident and want to verify your injury for Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage. However, we encourage you to not wait this long and to see a doctor within the first day or two after your accident to maximize the potential of treatment.

What kind of doctor to see after an accident

Any licensed medical doctor can perform an examination or direct you toward a specialist who can check for more specific signs of injury. This might be someone like your primary care physician or an orthopedic specialist who is well-versed in treating the kinds of injuries caused by automobile accidents.

Some people may need to visit the emergency room instead of scheduling a visit with a specialist a day or two after the accident. Emergency responders on the scene or other people involved in the accident may notice signs of severe issues that require emergency treatment and call an ambulance for a quick response. The signs of the kinds of injuries that require emergency response include:

  • Extreme pain
  • Dizziness and confusion
  • Pain and swelling in the head
  • Fractures
  • Deep cut and blood loss
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Shortness of breath
  • Severe back and neck pain

If you notice these symptoms in yourself or anyone else, you should contact emergency services.

Why visit an orthopedic specialist after an accident?

If your injuries are not life-threatening and you opt to seek treatment at your own pace rather than take an ambulance to the emergency room, you should consider visiting an orthopedic specialist. Your primary care physician may do an excellent job in taking care of you, but an orthopedic specialist is highly trained and skilled in diagnosing and treating the types of injuries that automobile accidents cause.

At the Florida Spine and Joint Institute, our orthopedic specialists use the latest technology, such as MRI scanners, for an accurate assessment of your condition. If our team finds any sign of injury, we can recommend an appropriate course of action, which may include chiropractic care, interventional care or orthopedic surgery.

Visit the iRISE Spine and Joint Institute for auto accident injury treatment

Have you recently been in an automobile accident? Even if you don’t feel hurt, it’s best to visit a medical professional to make sure you don’t have any hidden symptoms of a serious injury. Contact our team today for more information about auto accident injury treatment or to schedule an initial appointment.