What It’s Like Recovering From Shoulder Arthroscopy

Therapist helping the patient

The shoulder is a complex joint. All of its muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones must work together perfectly to provide a range of motion much wider than that of your other joints. Because there are so many moving parts in the shoulder, it’s vulnerable to many types of painful injuries and conditions.

Doctors usually try to treat these conditions with medications and physical therapy. However, these methods are not always effective. If this is the case for you, it may be time to consider shoulder arthroscopy.

Recovering from shoulder arthroscopy

Shoulder arthroscopy is usually a short procedure, and most patients can return home within the same day. After the operation, you’ll need to spend a couple of hours in the hospital so staff can monitor your recovery and determine when it’s safe for you to leave.

Total recovery time from shoulder arthroscopy can be anywhere between a week to a month depending on the severity of your shoulder condition. Some people experience some discomfort while recovering. During this time, doctors may prescribe pain medication and other treatments for reducing and managing the pain.

Physical therapy

An important part of recovering from shoulder arthroscopy is rehabilitating the shoulder for normal use. Physical therapists guide patients through exercises, stretches, and maneuvers designed to help the shoulder recover from surgery to resume daily use. Physical therapy can also help reduce any dependency on pain medication during your recovery.


Complications after shoulder arthroscopy are rare. There are risks for infections, blood clots, blood loss, and nerve damage, but these are usually easy to treat.

Your surgeon will be able to tell if you’re in a group at a higher risk for these complications. They can discuss the risk of these complications with you and layout a plan of action if there is an issue.

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