Understanding Which Bones Are Commonly Broken in Car Accidents

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The human body contains 206 bones. Each of these bones is vulnerable to fracture if you’re in a car accident, although some are more vulnerable than others. Regardless of which bone breaks in an accident, you should always visit a medical professional for assistance.

Take a look below to learn more about which of your bones will most likely need medical treatment as a result of an automobile accident.

Bones that can be fractured in car accidents

  • The wrist — It’s common to break one or both wrists in an accident because you’re holding the wheel while driving or you put your arms out in front of you to brace for an impact. When your arms are straight out in front of you like this, they absorb much of the impact from a collision and fracture.
  • The legs — Similar to the way you could break your wrists in an accident, you could also fracture one or more bones in your legs. Your legs are more vulnerable to fracture when you straighten them to brace for impact or when your leg is already in front of you while slamming the brakes.
  • The ribs and clavicle — Wearing your seat belt increases your chances of surviving a severe automobile accident but it can also be the source of a fracture. When you slam against the seatbelt in an accident, your ribs or clavicle can crack. This is usually not life-threatening, though a broken rib can puncture a lung in some cases.
  • The hips and pelvis — The hips and pelvis can also slam into the seat belt in an accident, which can cause them to fracture. It’s also common for the pelvis to be injured in motorcycle accidents due to the riding position.
  • The spine — A direct impact to the spine in an accident can cause one or more of the vertebrae to fracture. This can limit the range of motion in your spine and put pressure on the nerves in the spine, which causes further problems. Severe spinal fractures can cause paralysis, so it’s important to remain stationary and wait for help if you have severe spine pain after an accident.

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