Patricia S. Is Feeling Relief and Independence Since Her Procedure

Old Woman Walking

My Story

My back pain was easily a 10. It started in my lower back and it went into the pelvis and down my leg. My foot hurt. My ankle was throbbing and in a lot of pain. Normally I like to walk for exercise, but I couldn’t do that. Normal everyday things, like walking in the store, bothered me. I couldn’t stand too long, I needed a walker to support me.

And so I went to the doctors at Florida Spine and Joint Institute, and between Dr. Wartheit and the rehabilitation, they got me so much better and I’m able to walk on my own. I had the cortisone shot and it helped me tremendously.

Getting back to normal activities

Now I’m able to walk. I could barely walk before. I can help myself instead of people helping me. I couldn’t do anything before. So I’ve come a long way, I’m glad I went to the right doctor.

I would absolutely without a doubt recommend Florida Spine and Joint Institute to anyone seeking back pain relief. Dr. Wartheit and the entire staff had a great bedside manner, explaining my condition and the procedure to me. I couldn’t have been in better hands. They’re really doing a great job.

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