How Long Should You Expect to Have a Sore Neck From a Car Accident?

Patient having a neck pain‚Äč

If you’ve heard of whiplash, you probably associate it with car accidents. This injury is common in those who’ve been in car accidents because of the way an impact in an accident jerks your head around. When your vehicle collides with another one, your head can lurch forward and backward rapidly, which causes the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in your neck to stretch and tear, which is what we refer to as whiplash.

Whiplash usually isn’t life-threatening but it causes your neck to be sore for a long time without treatment. It also affects your range of motion and can cause pain that spreads into your shoulders, chest, and head. Without treatment, these problems can last for several weeks.

Recovering from a whiplash-related sore neck after a car accident

The recovery time for whiplash varies depending on the severity of the injury and your physical condition before the injury. Some people recover after a few days. Others require several weeks. On average, most people are fully recovered within three months.

It’s important to get treatment for whiplash if you want to shorten your recovery time and reduce your pain. Since the symptoms of whiplash can take a day or few to develop, it’s best to visit a medical professional as soon as possible after a car accident.

A medical professional can examine any symptoms and perform other tests, such as an MRI scan, to determine if you have the signs of whiplash. The sooner that this condition is identified, the quicker your treatment can begin, which should improve your overall recovery period.

Treating whiplash after a car accident

Some people who have whiplash need little more than some rest and medication for recovery. Many others will require some hands-on treatment from a health care professional.

Doctors of Chiropractic are often the specialists of choice for treating whiplash. They are skilled in many adjustments that help mobilize the neck to reduce pain and improve its range of motion while recovering from whiplash. This helps improve the quality of your recovery and can shorten your recovery time.

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