How Do Doctors Decide You Need Hip Surgery for Arthritis?

Woman suffering Arthritis​

Hip surgery is one of the most reliable modern methods for treating hip pain. However, it’s usually not the first treatment option for patients.

Most doctors prefer to treat hip arthritis with conservative methods like medications and physical therapy. These treatments carry fewer risks than surgery, but they’re not always effective. When these treatments aren’t improving the condition of hips affected by arthritis, it may be time to consider hip surgery.

When do you need hip surgery for arthritis?

Doctors are likely to recommend hip surgery if medication, exercise, diet, and weight loss are not helping to improve the condition of your hip. However, in some cases, they’ll recommend hip surgery without considering these options. This is usually the case if the pain and damage in your hips are severe and beyond the abilities of conservative treatment.

Hip surgery for arthritis can be intimidating because surgery is known to be painful and carry risks. However, with a skilled surgeon who uses the latest techniques (including minimally invasive techniques), hip surgery has a high success rate.

The outcome of hip surgery for arthritis

The procedure that surgeons usually perform for hip arthritis is total joint replacement. Although they may perform minimally invasive arthroscopy to clear out some debris if the entire joint doesn’t need to be replaced.

Total hip replacement surgery requires some time for recovery, but the results can last for up to 20 years without complications. People who have hip replacement surgery for arthritis usually have less pain and more range of motion than before the operation.

If you’re experiencing long-lasting hip pain related to arthritis, talk to your doctor about hip surgery. The sooner you address the problem, the better your potential outcome could be.

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