Ouch! What Can You Do About a Pinched Nerve in the Shoulder?

Shoulder Pain

Have you ever had pain in your shoulder that makes it feel like the shoulder is being pinched on the inside? That’s because, in a way, you are being pinched on the inside, just not in the shoulder itself. A pinched nerve in the shoulder is more likely to be connected to your spine in the neck and shoulders area.

A pinched nerve in the shoulder occurs when one of the nerves running through your spine into your shoulders gets pinched by bone spurs. These fragments can develop when you have an injury or chronic condition affecting the discs and joints in your spine. The resulting pain is a sharp, pinching kind of pain that can even cause numbness and tingling, especially when moving your arm or turning your head.

What should you do if you think you have a pinched nerve in the shoulder?

So, does this kind of pain sound like what’s affecting your shoulder? Your first step will be to visit a doctor for an examination. You can visit your primary physician for this, or you may want to visit an orthopedic specialist since they are highly trained and skilled in treating the kinds of conditions that cause shoulder pain.

During an examination, your doctor will review your symptoms and medical history. They may also order tests like an MRI scan to determine the health of the nerves and the discs in your spine. This scan may confirm that you have a pinched nerve, or it may reveal that you have another condition affecting your shoulder.

If your examination confirms that you have a pinched nerve in your spine that is causing pain in the shoulder, your doctor can recommend the appropriate course of treatment.

Treatment for a pinched nerve in the shoulder

Treatments for a pinched nerve vary depending on the severity of the pain and its cause. Some people can get by with some medication and stretching and exercising. Others may need an injection of steroids to reduce the pain and any swelling.

Since the condition is often related to bone spurs, you may need orthopedic surgery to remove them. These procedures are usually minimally invasive, which means there are little scarring and pain after the procedure and the risks are minimal.

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