Four Reasons You May Have Pain in the Upper Right Arm Between the Elbow and Shoulder

Right arm pain from shoulder to hand can be caused by a number of conditions

Some soreness in your muscles is a normal part of life, but long-lasting upper right arm pain between the shoulder and elbow may be related to a more serious condition. If you’re right-handed, you probably use your arm a lot for physical activities like writing, throwing, and lifting. If you push it too far with these activities, you can develop painful conditions that affect your upper right arm between the elbow and shoulder.

Of course, there are also some conditions that can affect this area that are beyond your control. Learn more about what causes pain in this area so you have a better idea of why you may need treatment.

Four causes of upper right arm pain between your shoulder and elbow

  1. Bursitis — This is a condition in which the bursae of your shoulder or elbow become inflamed. The bursae are tiny sacs of fluid that keep the tendons from rubbing against the bones in your joints. Bursitis is painful and often causes swelling and tenderness that limit your range of motion.
  2. Tendinitis — Tendinitis is an inflammation of the tendons that can occur in your shoulders, elbows, and between them. This inflammation develops when you use your arms for repetitive activities that strain them. The inflammation is painful and limits your range of motion until the tendons recover.
  3. Strain — Overexertion of the shoulders and elbows in physical activity can cause one of the muscles or tendons to stretch or tear. This is what’s known as a strain.
    Strains vary in severity with some including minor stretching damage and others including total tears.
  4. Arthritis — Arthritis will more likely cause pain in the joints themselves rather than the area of the upper arm between them, but it can affect this area too. Arthritis puts pressure on the nerves in the joints that can cause pain to radiate throughout your arm. If you have pain and stiffness in your joints as well as pain in your arm between the joints, you may have arthritis.

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