After Shoulder Replacement Surgery, Harvey G. Can Use His Right Arm Again

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My story

One day I was walking to the bus stop and I got hit by a truck. I’m a right-handed person, and after the accident, my right hand just wasn’t the same.

I’m a letter carrier and I needed my right arm for work, and for seven to eight months I couldn’t do my job. I couldn’t function, I couldn’t use my arm, I couldn’t lift up anything, I couldn’t do anything after the accident. My pain scale was 100. I mean one to 10 doesn’t cover it — 100. I couldn’t do anything.

I had enjoyed scuba diving and other activities, which I couldn’t do after the accident, and that was a big negative. I couldn’t even drive my car.

My iRISE Spine and Joint experience and journey toward relief

All the people at Florida Spine and Joint were fantastic. My surgeon, Dr. Tort, was a fantastic doctor and I appreciate him. I had two procedures, and after the second, a total replacement of my right shoulder, I was able to find relief and get mobility back. I guess the only thing I can say about the care I received is — excellent. They treated me nice, they helped me out, they were fantastic.

It took me about a month and a half, but then I was right back to work. Now I’m back to full duty, I’m back to driving a car, I hope to go back to scuba diving in a month or two. I’m happy to be feeling stronger with my right arm than my left, which is how it was before.

I had a great experience, and it almost goes without saying that I would recommend it to anybody.

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