After Neck and Back Surgery, Roberta V. Can Enjoy Time With Her Children

Whole Family Biking

My story

It all started with an accident where I fell down the stairs. I fell down at least six steps, hitting my neck, my lower back, and my knees. It was just 24/7 pain. I was experiencing numbness in my fingers. I couldn’t function properly; I would pick up a glass and it would fall.

I had small kids — now my kids are five and six — and I just couldn’t do a lot. If I took them to the park I just had to sit there and not be involved. It hurt to ride a bicycle. I couldn’t even take long car trips without frequent stops.

Treatment with iRISE Spine and Joint Institute and ongoing recovery

When I couldn’t live with the pain anymore, I went to Florida Spine and Joint — and the whole experience has been amazing. Dr. Hess performed lower back surgery about a year ago and then in March of 2019 Dr. Hess performed also performed neck surgery.

My pain relief journey is still ongoing; I’m still not 100%, and there is still more treatment that I need to explore. It’s a path I’m glad to be on because of my experience with Dr. Hess and his team is always amazing. I love going to that office. I’ve been going there for a couple of years and I feel that every time I go people know me already.

I would say now I am capable of doing more activities with my kids than I was before. Now I’m capable of riding my bicycle with significantly less pain. I can also take longer and longer car rides, where before I would have to stop every hour because I couldn’t take the pain sitting down for too long.

Everybody there is really respectful and nice. They explain everything to you and the doctors take their time to talk to you. I’ve even sent my mom and my stepfather there to have their pain evaluated by Dr. Hess.

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