Five Things You Should NOT Do Before an MRI Scan

MRI Scan

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is one of the most helpful advances in medical technology. It allows medical professionals to obtain a 3D view of the soft tissue and bones in your body under your skin. It does this without the use of X-rays, so there is no harm to the body. Thanks to MRIs, doctors can more accurately diagnose conditions so they can administer the correct treatments.

MRI scans operate with the use of large rotating magnets. These magnets temporarily realign the hydrogen atoms in your body, which allows them to be detected by radio waves. The signals from these radio waves are converted to the images your doctors need. Because the MRI machine uses powerful magnets, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to not do before an upcoming scan.

Five things you should NOT do before your MRI scan

  1. Do not dress in clothing with metal — A well-known fact about magnets is that they’re attracted to metal. The magnets in an MRI machine are much more powerful than the ones on your refrigerator. These magnets can cause the metal in your clothing to turn into a projectile, damaging your clothing and potentially causing harm to fall on you.
  2. Do not dress in tight and restrictive clothing — An MRI scan takes time, so you don’t want to be lying there for up to an hour in tight and restrictive clothing. Instead, wear something loose and comfortable (again, without any metal) to help you relax more comfortably during your scan.
  3. Do not forget to take time off work — Speaking of time, since an MRI scan can take up to an hour or even longer in some cases, you need to take enough time off work or school for your scan. Don’t forget to include your commute and any potential waiting time in your time requested off.
  4. Do not keep credit cards in your pocket — Credit cards have magnetic strips that can be ruined in an MRI machine. This could make paying for things a little bit more difficult for you, so make sure these are not in your pocket when you have an MRI scan.
  5. Do not put on makeup — Some makeup contains metals that may be affected by the MRI machine. Check your makeup to make sure it contains no metals or play it safe and skip putting on makeup until after the scan.

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