How Long Does It Take to Recover From a Total Knee Replacement?

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Making the decision to have total knee replacement surgery is not an easy one, and you have many factors to consider before making the call. One of these factors is how long it will take to recover from the procedure.

Recovery from total knee replacement surgery generally takes several months, but this recovery takes place in stages. Recovery is not the same for everyone. Besides the operation itself, other factors like age, weight, and medical history play a part in the speed and quality of your recovery. Still, there is a general time frame that may be applicable to your own recovery experience should you elect to have total knee replacement surgery.

What to expect from total knee replacement recovery

Your recovery journey from total knee replacement surgery typically begins right after you wake up from the operation. Physical therapists will help you stand and walk with the use of an assistive device such as a walker or cane.

This might seem quick to you, but it’s important to move around to start rebuilding the strength and flexibility of the muscles around the knee. Usually, you’ll remain in the facility for a couple of days so medical professionals can monitor your progress, change bandages, and help you get on your feet.

If your recovery is progressing well after a couple of days, you’ll be discharged to continue recovering at home and visiting a physical therapist for assistance.

The overall timeline of your recovery looks like this:

  • Days one to two: Move around in the health care facility and be monitored by professionals.
  • Days Three to four: Go home and continue your recovery as well as receiving physical therapy on a regular basis.
  • Six weeks: By this point, most people feel well enough to return to normal activities. This may include driving.
  • Four to six months: Many people regain full use of their knee by this stage, but some have to wait up to a year to reach this level of recovery.

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