What Is the Recovery Time for Knee Cartilage Repair Surgery?

Knee Pain​

The knees are complex joints made up of several parts that work together to provide stability and motion to the joints. When one of these parts is damaged, the entire knee joint can suffer, causing pain and stiffness and the inability to bear weight. One part of the knee that is frequently damaged in a traumatic injury or due to debilitating conditions like arthritis is the cartilage.

Cartilage in the knees prevents the bones in the knees from rubbing against one another and from absorbing impact from shock. When the cartilage is damaged, it may not be able to perform its job and may also impede the movement of the knee. For this reason, you may need to visit an orthopedic surgeon for cartilage repair surgery if the cartilage in your knee is damaged.

Recovering from cartilage repair surgery

Cartilage repair surgery can have several different objectives. Some people have cartilage that has torn and bent in half. They need this cartilage to be folded back in place to regain the use of the knee. Others may need damaged debris removed from the knee or to have a damaged section of still-attached cartilage removed.

In many cases, cartilage repair surgery is performed as a minimally invasive arthroscopic procedure. What this means is that the surgeon makes only a few tiny incisions and uses a tube (the arthroscope) with a camera attached to it to see the operating area in your knee. The surgical instruments used in this procedure are also tiny enough to fit through small incisions.

The advantage of this kind of procedure is it causes much less damage to your muscles and soft tissue, reducing pain and time from your recovery. However, it doesn’t eliminate the need for rehabilitation during recovery.

Recovery looks different for each individual. Many people are able to return home the same day after minimally invasive knee cartilage repair, but some may have to remain overnight in the facility for monitoring. Some can walk carefully on the knee and others may need physical therapists to help them correctly use walkers or crutches for assistance.

Generally, after about four to six weeks of physical therapy after knee cartilage repair, most people regain movement and stability in the knee.

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