What Is the Recovery Time for Total Hip Replacement Surgery?

Old man with Hip Pain

Chronic pain and stiffness in your hips can keep you from enjoying many of your favorite activities, like playing with your children or grandchildren, walking the dogs or going on a jog. If your condition becomes severe enough, you may not even feel well enough to walk around your house. When your hips are in this kind of pain, it may be time to consider total hip replacement surgery.

There are a lot of factors to keep in mind when considering total hip replacement surgery. Have you tried conservative methods like exercise and therapy? Does your doctor think you’re ready? Are you prepared for recovery? One question that many potential hip replacement patients have in mind is, “How long does it take to recover from total hip replacement surgery?”

The answer to this question varies with each individual, but the general recovery time for total hip replacement is a few months.

What to expect from total hip replacement recovery

As soon as you wake up from your surgery, a physical therapist will help you get on your feet and start moving around. They’ll show you how to safely use assistive devices like a walker or a cane. It’s important to move around as soon as you can to start rebuilding the strength and flexibility of your muscles around the hips.

Typically, you’ll stay in the facility for a couple of days while testing out the new hip and undergoing monitoring to ensure your recovery is going well. After a couple of days, you should be good to return home and continue your recovery there.

After about three to six weeks, most patients feel well enough to resume simple daily tasks but might not be ready for more physically demanding tasks. During this time, you should continue your physical therapy to keep building the strength and flexibility of your muscles. At this point, you may be able to drive again if your physician feels you’re ready.

By 10 to 12 weeks, most of the pain in your hip should be gone and it should be easier for you to resume normal daily activities, including more physically demanding ones.

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