When Do You Need Total Knee Replacement to Treat Knee Pain?

Man holding his knee

Conditions like arthritis and traumatic injuries can damage the knees so badly that the knee joint may need to be replaced by an artificial joint. Total knee replacement surgery is an effective method for reducing pain and improving the mobility of a damaged knee joint.

Total knee replacement surgery is not right for everybody, so your doctor will consider a few factors before recommending this procedure.

Signs you may need total knee replacement surgery for knee pain

  • Conservative treatments are ineffective — Usually, doctors try to treat knee pain with conservative methods like medication or physical therapy. These treatments are not always effective, and taking medications can have negative side effects like drug dependency.
  • You have difficulty moving your leg — Knee pain can become so severe that you’re unable to move your knee or the rest of your leg without exacerbating the pain. This can inhibit your ability to sit, stand, walk, and perform many other activities.
  • It’s hard to rest with knee pain — You may learn how to adjust to knee pain that limits certain activities, but knee pain that grows to the point of disturbing your rest and sleep can be unbearable. If your knee pain doesn’t allow you to rest, you may need total knee replacement surgery.
  • Your knee appears misshapen — Excessive swelling and changes in the shape or appearance of your knee may be indications of a problem that requires total knee replacement surgery for treatment.
  • Your knee pain affects your quality of life — While you might be able to manage your knee pain and get by in life with conservative treatments, you may still be unable to do other things you love. Total knee replacement surgery can help restore your ability to use your knees for some of your favorite activities.

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