When Do You Need Surgery for Shoulder Pain?

Old woman holding her shoulder

Losing the ability to move your shoulder can limit the use of the rest of your arm and prevent you from accomplishing many tasks. That’s why it’s important to find treatment for conditions that affect your shoulders. However, occasional soreness in the shoulders is a normal part of life, so you may have trouble knowing when you need surgery for treatment. That’s why we’ve included a few reasons you may need surgery that your health care provider will consider before recommending it.

Reasons you need surgery for shoulder pain

One method for treating shoulder pain is shoulder surgery. Surgeons are able to treat a variety of conditions using surgery. Reasons you may need surgery for your shoulder pain include:

  • Conservative treatments are not working — Health care providers typically treat shoulder pain with conservative methods like physical therapy and medication to avoid the risks of surgery. However, these treatments are not always effective, which means surgery may be necessary. Fortunately, many modern surgical techniques for shoulder pain are minimally invasive, which means there is less of a risk for blood loss and infection.
  • Your pain grows worse by the day — If your shoulder pain continues to grow worse day by day, you may need surgery for treatment instead of conservative methods.
  • You cannot move your shoulder or arm — Shoulder pain can become severe enough to limit your ability to move your shoulder or the rest of your arm without making the pain worse. Surgery may be able to treat the causes of this kind of shoulder pain.
  • Shoulder pain affects your ability to rest — You may need shoulder surgery if your pain is affecting your ability to rest or sleep.
  • Shoulder pain affects your quality of life — Simply put, shoulder pain can prevent you from using your shoulder for many of your favorite activities. Treating the pain with surgery can help you regain the use of your shoulder so you can continue doing what you love.

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