When Do You Need Surgery for Knee Pain?

Woman in pain holding her knee

Pain in one or both of your knees can affect your ability to stand, walk, and do other normal daily activities. An occasionally sore knee is a normal part of life, but when your knee pain persists or is more painful than normal, you may need medical assistance.

Treatments for knee pain vary depending on the cause and severity of the pain, as well as personal factors like age, weight, and medical history. One treatment option for knee pain that helps many people reduce pain and regain the use of their knees is knee surgery.

Reasons you may need surgery for knee pain

Doctors consider a number of factors before recommending surgery for knee pain, including:

  • Physical therapy and medication aren’t helping — Surgery comes with a risk of infection, blood loss, and other issues, so doctors usually prefer treating knee pain with methods like physical therapy and medication. However, when these treatments are ineffective, surgery may be the right choice.

    Fortunately, many modern surgical methods are minimally invasive. This means there are fewer risks and a better quality of recovery.
  • Your pain keeps you from resting — Pain in the knee can be expected to make it difficult to walk, run or stand, but when it interrupts your sleep or keeps you from resting, you may need surgery.
  • Your pain prevents you from using your leg — Surgery may be necessary when your pain becomes severe enough to limit the use of your entire leg.
  • Your pain impacts your quality of life — Knee pain can keep you from living the life you want to live. If you want to improve your quality of life and restore your ability to enjoy some of your favorite activities, you may need knee surgery.

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