When Do You Need Surgery for Hip Pain?

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One of the options you have when it comes to treating hip pain is hip surgery. There are different types of procedures surgeons can perform on hips to reduce pain and improve your range of motion.

Since there are other treatments for hip pain besides surgery, you may be wondering when hip surgery is necessary. Take a look below at some of the factors that doctors consider before recommending hip surgery.

Reasons you may need surgery for hip pain

Doctors consider many factors before recommending surgery, including age, weight, and medical history. Other reasons that play into whether you may need surgery or not include:

  • Conservative treatments are not working — Doctors usually try to treat hip pain with conservative treatments like medication or physical therapy. Although, these methods are not always effective. In these cases, you may need surgery for treatment.

    Traditionally, surgery is a last resort because of the risks involved. However, modern surgical techniques are safer and more minimally invasive than traditional techniques. This helps reduce the risks involved with the surgery and improve the quality of your recovery.
  • You have difficulty moving your hips and legs — When your hip pain is so severe that it prevents you from moving the rest of your leg, you may need surgery.
  • Your pain keeps you from getting rest — Hip pain can grow so severe that it inhibits your rest and your ability to sleep. When this happens, you may need hip surgery to reduce your pain.
  • Your pain is affecting your quality of life — Damaged hips can prevent you from living the kind of life you want to live. Hip surgery can help improve your quality of life by restoring your ability to use your hips for your favorite activities.

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