The Benefits of Arthroscopy for Treating Ankle Pain

Doctor holding the feet of the woman

Orthopedic surgeons can treat many conditions that cause ankle pain with arthroscopic surgery. This minimally invasive type of surgery uses a tiny camera attached to the end of a thin, flexible tube. The surgeon can insert this tube into the operation area so the camera can provide a visual of the ankle.

Arthroscopic surgery also involves the use of tiny surgical instruments that fit through small incisions. Performing surgery this way minimizes the incision sizes and any unnecessary damage that could be dealt with in open-ankle surgery.

What are the benefits of arthroscopy for ankle pain?

Treating ankle pain with arthroscopic surgery is beneficial for a number of reasons, including:

  • Less pain during recovery — Pain after surgery usually has a lot to do with the damage done to the muscles and soft tissue that had to be cut through. Since arthroscopic surgery only requires tiny incisions and minimizes muscles and soft tissue damage, there is less pain during recovery.
  • Quicker recovery times — Since there is less damage from large incisions, your body should be able to recover quicker after surgery. Many ankle arthroscopy patients are able to return the same day to start their recovery at home.
  • Less risk of infection — Large incisions increase your risk for infection, blood loss, and other complications. Arthroscopic surgery reduces your risk for these complications since it uses small incisions.
  • Less scar tissue — Simply put, smaller incisions mean less scar tissue. This is beneficial because scar tissue can harden and limit your range of motion. When this happens, further surgery may be necessary to clear up this scar tissue. By using arthroscopic surgery, orthopedic surgeons can eliminate the need for further operations to remove scar tissue.

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Arthroscopic surgery isn’t right for everyone. In some cases, open-ankle surgery is still necessary. At the iRISE Spine and Joint Institute, our surgeons are skilled in performing all kinds of ankle operations. Our team can examine your ankle and determine which procedure is right for you.

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