Signs You May Need Orthopedic Surgery for Neck Pain

Old man holding his nape

Neck pain is a serious problem because it’s hard to get through the day without being able to turn or tilt your head. When your neck is stiff or in pain, it’s important to find treatment so you can resume your daily activities.

Treatments for neck pain vary depending on the cause and severity of your pain. In some cases, a little rest is all that’s necessary. In more serious cases, you may need orthopedic surgery for neck pain.

Reasons you may need orthopedic surgery for neck pain

Doctors consider a few factors before recommending orthopedic surgery for neck pain, including:

  • Conservative treatments are not working — Conservative treatments for neck pain might include physical therapy, medication and chiropractic care. While these treatment methods can help reduce neck pain in some cases, they’re not always effective. In cases where conservative treatments are not helping, surgery may be necessary.
  • You have signs of nerve damage — If your doctor observes symptoms that indicate the presence of nerve damage in your neck, they may recommend surgery. Leaving nerve damage untreated puts your neck at risk for permanent disability and further pain.
  • You have a traumatic injury — A direct impact to the neck or other types of injuries can damage the spine and soft tissue. In some cases, these injuries recover on their own over time, but more severe injuries may require surgery for treatment.
  • You have bone spurs — Conditions like arthritis can cause bone spurs to develop in the spine in your neck. These bone spurs put pressure on the nerves in your spinal canal, which is painful and can limit your range of motion. Surgeons can use minimally invasive surgical techniques to remove these bone spurs.
  • Your pain grows worse over time — The pain caused by some conditions and injuries in the neck can gradually grow worse over time. Conservative treatments may help in earlier stages, but as your condition enters advanced stages, surgery may be necessary.

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