I Was Injured in a Car Accident: What Do I Do for Treatment?

Man holding his nape and crashed car at the back of him‚Äč

Every year, more than 2 million people in the United States are injured in automobile accidents. Every time one of us gets behind the wheel, there is a small chance we could be involved in an accident that will cause us harm. Because the chances of being injured in an automobile accident are so high, it’s best to be prepared for what to do.

Whether you’ve recently been involved in an accident or are simply looking to be mentally prepared, find out what to do below for getting the treatment you need.

Is it an emergency?

If you are involved in an accident and have symptoms of a life-threatening condition, you need to contact emergency services for immediate medical assistance. Signs you may need emergency medical assistance include:

  • You’ve hit your head and are struggling to focus or are passing out.
  • You’ve been burned.
  • You’ve been shocked.
  • You have chest pain.
  • You cannot breathe.
  • Your neck or spine is numb or you are unable to move.

When in doubt, it’s a good idea to play it safe and contact medical professionals for emergency assistance. However, if you’re confident that you don’t need emergency treatment, you should visit a health care provider of your own choosing. This is usually more affordable, and you are able to receive specialized care from a team you trust.

Schedule an appointment with a medical professional for treatment

If you don’t need emergency medical services, you should still always visit a medical professional for an examination after an accident. Even if you feel like your injury is minor, there may be underlying symptoms of something serious that you won’t notice until a few days afterward. By this point, treatment may be longer and more difficult than it would be if doctors could diagnose your condition as early on as possible.

Visit the iRISE Spine and Joint Institute to treat your automobile accident injury

Automobile accidents are scary, but fortunately, there are professionals you can rely on for quality care. At the iRISE Spine and Joint Institute, our team is highly experienced in helping people overcome automobile injuries. Contact our team today to learn more about treating automobile accident injuries or to schedule an initial appointment.