How Does Chiropractic Care Help Reduce Back Pain?

Doctor and patient holding the back

The spine, muscles, and soft tissue in your back help support your upper body and give you the ability to bend and twist for many activities. Because the back does so much work, it’s normal for it to get sore every now and then. However, some types of back pain are long-lasting and make your daily life much more difficult.

When you have long-lasting back pain, you need treatment. Many people gravitate toward medication for relieving back pain, but this isn’t always effective and it often comes with undesirable side effects. Fortunately, there are more natural and effective treatment methods like chiropractic care.

How do chiropractors treat back pain?

Chiropractors employ a variety of techniques for treating back pain. The techniques a chiropractor will use in your treatment depends on the cause of your back pain and your age, medical history, and other personal factors.

Generally, chiropractic adjustments aim to reduce pain and improve your range of motion. Below are a few common methods chiropractors use when treating back pain:

  • Gonstead technique — With this technique, you’ll lie on your side while your chiropractor makes adjustments to help reduce pain and realign your joints.
  • Cox techniques — Also known as the Flexion-distraction technique, this is a method that chiropractors use for spinal conditions like herniated discs and facet joint irritation. The Cox technique makes use of gentle pressure and stretches on a special table to help reduce pain in the pain in your spine.
  • Activator technique — This technique involves the use of a small instrument that gently applies force to a small area of the spine. This force can help reduce pain in the spine and improve the range of motion in your vertebrae.

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Do you have spine or neck pain that’s making it difficult to accomplish many daily tasks? Do you want to treat this pain without relying on medications that cause a lot of unwanted side effects? Chiropractic care may be just what you need. Our team at the iRISE Spine and Joint Institute can examine your back and determine if chiropractic care is right for you. Contact our team today to learn more about back pain treatment or to schedule an appointment.