Orthopedic Surgery for Shoulder Pain

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Pain in the shoulder limits the use of your entire arm. Often, pain is just soreness from a long day of physical activity or work. However, pain that lasts long or hurts more than usual may need professional medical treatment.

Treatments for shoulder pain vary depending on the cause. In some cases, physical therapy or chiropractic care may be all that’s necessary. In other cases, orthopedic surgery may be the best treatment.

Frequently performed types of orthopedic shoulder surgery

At Florida Spine and Joint, our orthopedic surgeons can perform many types of shoulder surgeries. Some of the most frequently performed orthopedic shoulder surgeries include:

  • Rotator cuff repair — Torn rotator cuffs are common shoulder injuries. A rotator cuff is a group of muscles and soft tissue that hold the joint in place and power its movements. If the muscles or soft tissue are torn badly enough, surgical repair may be necessary.

    Usually, surgeons can repair torn rotator cuffs with minimally invasive arthroscopic procedures. However, sometimes, open surgery is necessary.
  • Impingement arthroscopy — It’s possible for one of the tendons in your shoulders to be pinched in the joint and unable to move. This can damage the tendon as well as other parts of the shoulder.

    Impingement arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgery that can release the tendon from its trapped position in the joint.
  • Dislocation arthroscopy — Shoulder dislocations are common shoulder injuries in which the ball of the joint pops out of the socket. When this happens, the ligaments and tendons around the shoulder can loosen, which leads to more frequent dislocations.

    Dislocation arthroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure that can repair the ligaments and tendons around the joint to help hold it in place.
  • Total shoulder replacement — Severe damage to the shoulder from conditions like arthritis or major fractures can render the joint irreparable. In these cases, surgeons may need to completely replace the shoulder with an artificial joint.

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Do you have shoulder pain that isn’t going away with conservative treatments like medicine or physical therapy? Orthopedic surgery may be your best shot at reducing pain and regaining the use of your shoulder. Contact us today to talk to one of our patient care coordinators about shoulder surgery or to schedule an initial appointment.