Elbow Conditions Surgeons Can Treat With Arthroscopy

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Elbow surgery may sound intimidating if your doctor recommends it for treatment. However, many elbow surgical operations can be performed using minimally invasive techniques.

Minimally invasive techniques make use of smaller incisions, which reduces the risk of infection and blood loss. They are also less painful and help improve your recovery time.

Orthopedic surgeons perform minimally invasive elbow surgery using an arthroscope. This is a small tube with a camera attached at the end, which provides the surgeon with a visual of the elbow.

Through this tube, the surgeon can also use tiny surgical instruments to perform the procedure. This all ensures minimal cutting and unnecessary damage when performing surgery to treat elbow pain.

Which elbow conditions can surgeons treat with arthroscopy?

  • Tennis elbow — Tennis elbow is the common name for a condition that causes pain in the elbow due to overuse. As the name suggests, the injury is common in tennis players, but they’re not the only ones vulnerable to this condition. Any athlete or worker who performs repeated motions with their elbows throughout the day can cause inflammation in the tendons.

    Inflammation in the tendons is known as tendinitis, which is what causes tennis elbow. In some cases, tennis elbow is minor and can benefit from physical therapy and other conservative treatments. However, when the pain persists for a long time, surgery may be necessary for treatment.
  • Bone spurs and debris — Arthritis can cause the development of bone spurs in the elbow joint. These spurs are painful and make it difficult for you to move your elbow.

    Orthopedic surgeons can use arthroscopic surgery to remove these bone spurs and any other debris caused by arthritis and other conditions.
  • Stiffness — Traumatic injuries or multiple surgical operations can cause the elbow joint to grow stiff. This may limit the range of motion in your arm.

    Orthopedic surgeons can use arthroscopic surgery to loosen the joint capsule. This should improve your range of motion without causing a bunch of scar tissue to build up and limit your motion again in the future.

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