Does Sports Medicine Help Prevent Injuries?

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An injury is something all athletes can expect to encounter at some point or another. Athletes in all levels of competition push their bodies hard to grow faster, stronger, and more flexible. This increases the risk of injuries, ranging from minor sprains to total tears or fractures.

When an athlete has been injured, it’s important to see a sports medicine specialist for treatment. Sports medicine specialists can help athletes recover quickly and safely to be able to resume training and competition. However, if you’re an athlete, don’t you think it’s better to try and prevent injuries in the first place?

Sports medicine specialists not only treat injuries, but they can help prevent them too.

Preventing injuries with sports medicine

An injury can occur for a number of reasons, so sports medicine cannot guarantee that you won’t get injured. However, with the right training and preparation, you can significantly reduce your chances of getting injured or decrease the severity of a potential injury.

Sports medicine specialists have different methods for preventing injuries. The treatment and training you need will vary depending on your age, sex, athletic history, and medical history. Many sports medicine programs for injury prevention focus on:

  • Exercising — Different exercises can build the strength and endurance of muscles. Stronger muscles that can perform a long time without exhausting are more resistant to pulls and tears.
  • Stretching — Stretching the muscles, tendons, and ligaments can increase your flexibility, which reduces the chances of sprains and strains. Sports medicine specialists can identify areas in which you can improve your flexibility. This is especially important in children whose bodies are still developing because they do not know the limits of their soft tissue and muscles.
  • Gait and posture — The way an athlete holds their body and strikes their feet on the ground while running can increase or decrease the chances of injury. Sports medicine specialists can identify areas in gait and posture that need improvement. They can educate you on posture and gait, so the way you run and move puts less strain on your muscles, soft tissue, and joints.

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