Checklist for an Auto Accident in West Palm Beach, Fl

Car crash

Are you prepared for what you need to do if you get into an automobile accident? Accidents are scary and it’s easy to panic when you aren’t prepared.

Panicking doesn’t help anybody in high-stress situations like these, so our team at iRISE Spine and Joint in West Palm Beach, Florida, wants to help you prepare with this checklist.

1. Make sure you’re safe

Your safety needs to be the number one concern immediately after an accident. There may be other passengers in the vehicle who you’re concerned about, but you won’t be much help to them if you’re too injured to move. Check yourself for injuries and, if you’re in great pain or cannot move, remain where you are.

If you’re okay, then you should check on your passengers and anyone in other vehicles involved. If anyone is in dire condition, contact emergency medical professionals immediately.

2. Move the vehicles out of the road

If the accident is in the middle of the road, you and the other people involved are not safe. Other drivers who are not paying attention may drive into the accident scene. While you may not think this is likely, it’s better to not take your chances and move your vehicles to the side of the road.

If it’s not possible to move the vehicles, leave them where they are but move yourself and others to the side of the road where it’s safer.

3. Call the police

The police can come and make an accident report and document the scene. In some states, it’s legally required to call the police after an accident. Even if it’s not required, you still should because they can help get accurate information and help protect you and the other drivers from traffic.

4. Exchange information

All drivers involved in the accident need to exchange some pertinent information with one another. This information will be necessary later when you need to file an insurance claim:

You will need to exchange:

  • Names and contact information
  • Insurance information
  • Vehicle information
  • Driver’s license details and license plate numbers
  • Accident location notes

5. Visit a doctor

The symptoms of some injuries do not develop immediately. Even if you think you’re fine, you should visit a medical professional just to be sure. If you wait and pain develops after a couple of days, you may have a harder time treating your injury.

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