What to Expect Physically After a Car Accident

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Experiencing an automobile accident is a challenging part of life many people encounter. Besides having to contend with repairing or replacing a vehicle, many people suffer injuries in automobile accidents.

Some of these injuries are immediately obvious, but others can take a few days for symptoms to display. These sleeper symptoms are often the sign of a serious injury that requires professional treatment. Since you cannot tell that you’re injured until these symptoms develop, it’s always a good idea to visit a health care professional for an examination after an automobile accident.

Sleeper symptoms that can affect you after an auto accident

Automobile accidents can cause a number of painful and debilitating injuries. If you’re wondering about what to expect physically after a car accident, your doctor will be on the lookout for these sleeper symptoms:

  • Numbness — Damage to the spine or nerves can cause numbness and tingle in your back, neck, arms, hands, and other parts of your body. Inflammation caused by these injuries can take a while to build up to a painful level, which is why some people don’t experience numbness until a few days after the accident.
  • Neck and shoulder pain — One of the most common delayed symptoms after an auto accident is neck and shoulder pain and stiffness. This is usually related to whiplash, which is a soft tissue injury that occurs when your head is jerked forward during the accident.
  • Back pain — Collisions can cause damage to the spine and soft tissue in your back, most frequently in the lower back.
  • Swelling — Swollen and abnormal-appearing limbs can develop days after the accident as fluids build up around an injured area.
  • Changes in physical behavior — Dizziness, confusion, loss of balance, loss of coordination and other behavioral issues can develop days after an auto accident.

Visit the iRISE Spine and Joint Institute for auto accident injury treatment

At the iRISE Spine and Joint Institute, our doctors know what to expect physically after a car accident. Our team members can examine your condition and determine if you will need treatment for an injury. Treating an injury before the symptoms get worse can result in more effective and less painful treatment. Contact our team today for more information about auto accident injury treatment or to schedule an initial appointment.