Common Car Accident Injuries That Require Surgery

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Car accidents frequently cause injuries, but these injuries vary greatly in severity. In some cases, you can recover from an automobile accident injury with chiropractic care and rest. In other cases, you may need surgery.

Take a look below to learn more about some common car accident injuries that require surgery for treatment.

Herniated discs

The vertebrae in your spine are separated by small discs filled with a jellylike fluid. These discs are supposed to absorb shock from impact and cushion your vertebrae from friction.

An impact or shock from an automobile accident can cause the fluid in the disc to burst out of the shell. This fluid puts pressure on the spinal cord, which causes pain, a limited range of motion, and other potential issues.

Orthopedic surgeons have multiple options for repairing or replacing a herniated disc. Many of these options are minimally invasive, which lowers your risk of infection and improves the speed of your recovery.

Torn soft tissue

A direct impact in an automobile accident or all of the jerking around that your body is subjected to can cause one or more of your muscles, ligaments or tendons to stretch and tear. Known as sprains and strains, these are painful and limit your range of motion.

Sprains and strains vary in severity, with many cases requiring little more than rest for treatment and several others requiring surgical intervention. Fortunately, surgeons can treat many sprains and strains with minimally invasive methods.


An impact during an automobile accident can cause one or more of your bones to break. In many cases, repairing a broken bone requires surgical intervention.

Depending on the severity of your fracture, surgeons may be able to use minimally invasive arthroscopic procedures for treatment.

Knee injuries

Injuries to the bones, cartilage, and soft tissue in your knee are very common, especially when you’ve been in a head-on collision. Knee injuries vary in severity, but skilled orthopedic surgeons are able to treat a variety of injuries with minimally invasive or open procedures.

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