What You Need to Know About Spinal Fusion Surgery Recovery

Doctor talking to the patient

Many people turn to orthopedic surgeons when they have back pain. Orthopedic surgeons have a number of options for reducing back pain when other methods like medication and physical therapy fail to work. One frequently performed surgical treatment for back pain is spinal fusion.

Spinal fusion is a procedure in which a surgeon joins two or more vertebrae together to form a solid piece of bone. The goal of this procedure is to improve the structural support of the vertebrae in your spine affected by damaged discs and other conditions.

Spinal fusion helps people reduce pain in their back and can improve their range of motion. However, many people have questions about the recovery process before going through with spinal fusion surgery for treating back pain.

What to know about spinal fusion recovery

In many cases of spinal fusion, surgeons can perform a minimally invasive version of the surgery. Your recovery experience will vary depending on whether you need traditional spinal fusion or minimally invasive spinal fusion.

The following are part of many people’s recovery from spinal fusion:

  • Recovery takes time — For the first couple of days after your spinal fusion, you will need to rest and learn how to safely move around. After a few weeks, you will likely begin physical therapy routines to help improve the strength and flexibility of your spine.
  • A healthy diet can improve your recovery experience — What you eat directly affects the health of your spine. Make sure you drink plenty of water and consume foods rich in calcium and other vitamins and minerals to help your spine recover.
  • Take it easy on your back — Avoid physically strenuous activities until your doctor or physical therapist tells you you’re ready. Pushing yourself too hard while recovering can cause pain and other problems in your spine.

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