Patient Testimonial — Karen J. Can Look up at the Stars Again

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My story

As a certified medical assistant, I was proud to have a job where I could work hard taking care of other people. Then, when I started suffering from pain and other symptoms related to multiple bulging discs, I was no longer able to do that because I could hardly turn my head left to right.

There were so many other parts of my life that were taken away from me. I couldn’t look up at the stars. I liked to swim; I couldn’t do that. I couldn’t walk very far without pain. I loved outdoor activities, like riding horses and biking, and they were now all but impossible.

I was getting used to living with a pain level that was usually at a seven and sometimes a 10. I was miserable and always on pain medication. A big turning point was when I couldn’t dance with my husband at a wedding — I couldn’t be with my husband literally because of the pain.

My iRISE Spine and Joint experience

Dr. Hess and his entire staff were just absolutely amazing throughout the whole experience. Even before the surgery, if I called them and had a question they were there with me. Even if the person I was talking to couldn’t answer it, they got somebody who could.

It was just inspiring what they do and how they went out of their way to help patients. Being a medical professional myself, that meant the world to me. My husband and I were just so impressed with Dr. Hess’s bedside manner and how he put both of us at ease.

And now, all I have to do is call and they are right on it, whether I need a refill on prescriptions or anything else. I had spinal fusion surgery and people don’t even recognize that I had neck surgery unless I say something. Where he did it, how he did it, it blows my mind.

Getting back to the life I love

Since my surgery, my life is starting to come back. I actually danced for the first time recently — a slow dance not a fast one — but it was amazing. And I’ve come almost completely off of the pain medications, so I’m actually a human being, not a walking zombie. For the first time, I got to go on a bike ride a couple of days ago and I was in total awe of what I could do. I’m starting to drive again. I’ve done more in the last three months than I’ve done in three years.

I’ve already spoken to many of my friends and family about what a great experience I’ve had and how life-changing this surgery has been for me. I would recommend Florida Spine and Joint Institute to anyone looking to get their life back from pain.

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