Five Things Not to Do After Microdiscectomy

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Microdiscectomy is a minimally invasive form of back surgery that can help treat disc-related conditions that cause pain in your spine. Recovery from this procedure is quicker and less painful than more invasive types of back surgery, but you still need to take some care.

Take a look below at some of the mistakes you want to avoid if you’re recovering from a microdiscectomy.

What not to do after microdiscectomy

  1. Do not ignore pain — You’re going to be a little sore while initially recovering from surgery, and this is fine. However, if you have lingering pain for days after your doctor said it should be going down or if the pain is getting worse, you need to let your doctor know. By ignoring the pain, you may be ignoring a serious issue that could lead to long-lasting harm.
  2. Do not quit your physical therapy — After your surgery, your doctor may recommend visiting a physical therapist to assist in improving the quality of your recovery. It’s important to follow your physical therapy treatment all the way through. Don’t stop halfway just because you think you feel better. Quitting early can result in a relapse of pain that leads to you needing more treatment.
  3. Do not stray from your prescriptions — Do not take more or less medication than what is prescribed if your doctor prescribes you with something to help with pain or inflammation. Straying from your prescription can have negative side effects and other consequences for your health.
  4. Do not lift heavy objects — Lifting heavy objects while recovering, especially objects off the floor, can exacerbate your pain. Avoid lifting heavy objects until you are fully recovered. Have a friend or family member help instead.
  5. Do not lie in bed all day — Going back to the importance of physical therapy, your body needs to be active to encourage blood flow and to help strengthen and stretch the muscles that support your back. Yes, it’s important to take it easy and rest, but you need to maintain some level of activity at home. Your doctor or physical therapist can provide some guidance on what you should do.

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