Determining if You Have Pain and Suffering After an Auto Accident

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Automobile accidents frequently lead to the development of injuries that are covered by many insurance plans. Many states allow you to make claims for monetary compensation for pain and suffering after an accident. This is good news for anyone who’s been hurt in an auto accident, but it can be difficult to prove.

Pain is abstract in the sense that you cannot see or measure it by any objective means. What is painful for one person may be a minor discomfort to another. However, when it comes to seeking coverage for your accident, seeking compensation for pain and suffering can help cover the cost of treatments you need and any inconvenience your injury has caused.

Always seek medical treatment after an automobile accident

Regardless of whether you are seeking to make a claim with your insurance company, you should always seek medical treatment after an automobile accident. This is important for a few reasons:

  1. You need treatment for an injury — The first and most obvious reason for seeking treatment is you have visible signs of an injury. Pain, stiffness, limited mobility, swelling, and bruising may indicate that you have a physical injury that requires professional treatment. Finding treatment for these injuries should be a priority because putting off treatment can result in further pain and potentially more difficult treatment.
  2. You may be injured even if you don’t feel pain — You might feel fine immediately following the accident or even for a day or two afterward. However, some injuries have symptoms that slowly build over a few days. By the time you feel pain from these injuries, it may be more difficult to begin treatment and it may be more challenging to connect these injuries to your accident in an insurance claim. Play on the safe side and always visit a medical professional for an examination after an accident.
  3. Seeking treatment validates your claim — Since pain is difficult to prove in a tangible sense, visiting a doctor is one way to validate your claim. Your doctor can confirm on your medical records that you have symptoms that correlate with pain, including swelling, redness, bruising, limited mobility, and more.

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